out 2014?

Sometimes I am on the radio.

Want to give a shout out to Audio Trainwreck. The darkest show on WMWM, Salem State’s radio Station

They included Xmas Song (under the mistletoe) as part of their Christmas/Winter show.

They have been nice enough to play some of my music in the past. I still have no idea how they even got my first CD.

Xmas Song (under the mistletoe)


Not all people feel the joy and elation of the holiday season.

Sometimes it brings memories of friends and lovers that we have lost.

This one is a Moldy Oldy in my playbook. Maybe it is time to write a new xmas song?

Something about love and traditions….you never know.





Snowed in.
Another cold December.
Blinking lights and Mr Smith,
They make me remember.

Frost on the windowpane,
Our paths just weren’t the same.
In the north, so far away,
Where are you on this xmas day?

Under the mistletoe dreaming of Toronto
Under the snowy sky, not long ago.
In your heart it is still the same? (you never know)

What’s wrong?
Another cold December.
The close friends lost,
The lovers remembered.

These memories trimming me,
My tears like tinsel on your tree
Time has moved us so far away.
Where are you on this xmas day?

The party’s din, the season glee,
Leaves the icicle cold in me.

Under the mistletoe dreaming of Toronto
Under the snowy sky, not long ago.
In your hearts it is still the same? (you never know)



R4NGER5 A2Z Radio Episode

The internationally popular internet radio show R4nger5  A2Z played This Rain in their last episode.

The R4nger5 series of shows focuses on surviving in the net, and in the wild in the 21st century.


“…keep people informed about the world, share ideas and skills and lend support to those people out there who know something is wrong, but are isolated from each other, and surrounded by the sheep that humanity have become.”



New episode this weekend on Rant Radio and again on Osprey Radio – Episode 018 – Fall Camping and cook out (part 1 of probably 3 or 4).

9pm EST/6pm PST Saturday night on Rant Radio Talk – http://rantmedia.ca/talk/
8pm EST/5pm PST Tuesday night on Osprey Radio (just before the Unkle Dak show!) – http://ospreynet.info/page.php?4

Also check out our main site at – http://r4nger5.com/

Fallen Moon. A small tribute to Lucretia’s Daggers

Lucretia and her band Lucretia’s Daggers have been slugging it out in Boston for over 10 years with their blend of darkwave, synthpop, and goth. Thru many lineup changes they have stayed true to their vision, and sound. Their long and interesting history has definitely made them the East Coasts hardest working Darkwave band.

I have always loved the melody and lyrical content of their song Fallen Moon. The darkly romantic feeling of the track borders on the erotic. I found myself humming it quietly to myself many times over the years.

Here is my small tribute to the East Coasts hardest working Darkwave band.

Fallen Moon Lucretias Daggers Cover by Lovers/Deceivers

Nosferatu Music

Music by Lovers/Deceivers.

Hope for the worst

a shout out to Cyanide Cupcake for her lovely mix CD entitle:

Hope for the Worst

Deceit does seem to fit the mood. Of course I just like being placed on any mix with the Sisters, Rasputina and NIN.


Bats/Love Songs

Anyone who is aware of the history of goth culture and music knows of the fantastic radio show Bats in the Belfry, hosted by Mistress Laura.

For 20 years she has been playing the best in dark music.

I wanted to share a little thing that made my day.

On last years Valentines day show she played Resist in the second segment of the show!

Its not the happiest of love songs. But how many truly happy love songs are in this genre?

What’s old is new again.

It has been a few years. The years change but the thoughts and the sounds do not.

Dusting off my old bones for the next L/D album tentatively  titled “call me when you’re legal”




About Lovers Deceivers


Genre: Gothic /Dark Pop / Indie

"The songs are beautiful, haunting and somewhat unsettling as good Goth music should be.....Lovers/Deceivers is a project that promises solid, traditional Goth music"
-Leslie McIntyre. Performer Magazine


"This is Goth with a capital G and all its obligatory trimmings.  Lovers/Deceivers wear their influence firmly on their sleeve, evoking dark, dreamy images with whispery vocals, echoing B/Horror movie samples, droney synths and guitars.  This CD takes you back to a time where the Cure, Bauhaus and Jesus and Mary Chain ruled supreme..."
-Boston Noise


Rhys B. as Lovers/Deceivers writes songs of love. Mostly lost. Some burn with passions denied while others are poignant reflections of other times and lovers lost.

Drawing on a strong influence of classic goth and dark pop, the music can be alternately beautiful and jarring.

Most importantly, throughout it all there is a strong sense of the emotion behind the words.

Emotion combining equally with lyrics to create harmonies that hit deeper than words alone could do.

Leaving you feeling like you wish you’d been there.

Like you wish you knew him. Like you wish you were the girl in the song.